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Divorce Representation

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Unlike some other divorce attorneys in Savannah, Matthew Midgett cares about what happens to you, your family and your children after divorce. Matthew Midgett understands that there are ways to meet everyone’s needs without negativity and hostility. He also knows that you won’t be happy if your children aren’t happy, and the best predictor of how divorce will affect your children’s happiness is how the divorce is handled in the legal system.

You can rely on Matthew Midgett to provide you with sound legal counsel and be a strong advocate for you as important matters involving divorce are negotiated and decided.

Establishing A Strong Foundation For Your Future

Many clients want to resolve areas of dispute quickly and amicably. Matthew Midgett will work efficiently to reach a resolution that puts you in a stable financial and emotional position post-divorce.

“I strive to minimize the impact of divorce on you and your relationships. In many cases, my approach results in reduced legal fees.”

Matthew Midgett, PC

High-Asset Divorce Representation

If you or your spouse is a full or part owner of a business, your divorce involves more complex considerations, including potentially having to divide stock options. Similarly, if you or a spouse owns a professional practice, you need a lawyer with a depth of experience in this area. We provide high-asset clients in Savannah and the surrounding areas with a range of services to address all of their family law needs. We also offer representation for the more standard aspects of divorce, including:

Property Division. Matthew will help you reach a division arrangement that suits your personal goals.

Child Custody and Support. With our firm, your children come first.

Alimony. Spousal support can play an important role in your financial situation after the divorce.

Modifications. Financial circumstances can change post-divorce. We help when it does.

Parental Rights. Protect your legal rights when it matters most.

As a family law attorney Matthew Midgett is a skilled divorce negotiator who knows how to handle and diffuse conflict. He can help coach you to communicate effectively with your spouse during the divorce process. We have years of experience negotiating high asset divorces, handling cases with complex legal issues and resolving difficult divorces without trial, which means he may have solved a situation similar to yours and already know of a creative solution that other family law attorneys with less experience may be unaware of.

To speak to an experienced divorce lawyer at no cost, call Matthew today at 912-421-1553 or reach us through our online form.

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